Runn  Sailing

Our 5.35m Excel Inflatable Boat is always at hand to take you to the wind, or indeed to return you to the dock should the wind fail or the conditions be unfavourable !
For this reason you need not worry about sailing away from or back onto the dock.

Framby Udde Resort

Runn Sailing operates from one of Dalarna counties most outstanding watersports centres located in Falun. 

Framby Udde offers participation canoeing, kayaking, swimming and wakeboarding in the summer.

In co-operation with Framby Udde Resort, modern facilities are available 24 hours a day to those who would like to come and visit. Just see  for more details of accomodation. 

Getting here is easy, Ryanair flies from Stansted to Vasteras which is under two hours drive from Falun. 

British Airways and SAS fly from London to Stockholm (Arlanda). There are trains direct from Arlanda to Falun. 

Flights are typically around two hours and in the case of Ryanair can be bought very cheaply.  

The train from Vasteras or Arlanda stations to Falun takes around two hours and Runn Sailing can arrange your collection from Falun station if needed (there is no fee for this service if you stay at Framby Udde)

Feel free to email or ring for more detailed information on how to get here. 

​Framby Udde Resort, Falun, Sweden

Lake Runn is a very large, beautiful lake situated in the Dalarna region of Sweden, renowned for it's fresh clean water and great sailing.

Visitors can take advantage of the "Swedish Allmansratt" or right to roam. This means that you may land anywhere that is not cultivated and enjoy a meal cooked over an open fire or even a nights camping.

The sailing season in this part of Sweden gets underway around the end of May and continues into the early part of September. 

The lake has it's own chart and direction of buoyage for those who wish to experiment with navigation. You can however, always see land so you cannot really ever get lost. 

Runn Sailings own Inflatable Boat is always on standby to come and get you should the need arise.

Coordinates : 
60° 32′ N 
15° 41′ E
Surface area
68 km²
Max. depth
32 m
Surface elevation

107 m

​Picture Courtesy of Framby Udde Resort

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Lake Runn

Closed owing to new management at Framby Resort

All water sports carry risk. Whilst we do our utmost to reduce these to a minimum, injuries can happen.

The boats are insured for third party risks only.  

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All pictures are of Runn Sailings boats on Lake Runn. Special thanks to Plumpton College (UK) who took them on their various expeditions here.

If you are in one of the pictures and would prefer not to be, please email me and I shall happily remove the photo.

All of the information contained within these pages is true to the best of my knowledge or belief. 

Our History

​Steve Trusler (Runn Sailings owner) has lived and worked in the UK for most of his life. 

Originally from Hertfordshire, Steve worked in London for over thirty years in the Metropolitan Police. For seventeen years of that he was attached to the world famous Met Police's Marine Policing Unit. Steve therefore fully understands safety concerns and has many live rescues and years of experience in all types of power driven and sailing vessel. 

Married to a Swedish national, Steve decided upon retirement to settle in Sweden. 

Steve started sailing at the age of five when his father taught him to sail in West London, later moving on to cruisers on Englands East Coast. 

Brief sojourns away from sailing have seen involvement with flying gliders, climbing and banger racing. 

Life has now gone full circle and Steve has found himself back in dinghies !