Are available for £14 per hour or £40 per day.

Wayfarer, Seafly(and equipment) 

Three Hours hire £40 or £60 all day.

Express Pirate (pocket cruiser 17')
£80 per day. This boat can also be taken for overnight trips at £120 for 24hrs by arrangement.

Camping Equipment

Per night £25 (approx depending upon precise requirements)

Reduced Rates For Longer Rentals  
Overnight rentals obviously require a hiring of at least one and a half days. Should you wish to book a boat for longer, such as two or more days then the following reductions become available :
Two days or longer the cost is reduced for the second and subsequent days to £50 per day. These days do not necessarily have to be consecutive but must be within the same week. The cost of camping equipment is also reduced to £15 per night for second and subsequent nights.
Prior booking is advised to prevent disappointment.

Please e-mail if you have requirements outside our normal arrangements. We are flexible within limits ! 
These prices compare very favourably to those available in the UK. Typically there a Wayfarer will cost around a hundred pounds a day.

Photo Courtesy of Framby Udde Resort

Please note that we are not a certificated sailing school.

If you would like to try sailing we can help you with that. You can sail with us doing as much or as little as you like for £20 per hour.

​Special rates for schools....Contact us for details.

All water sports carry risk. Whilst we do our utmost to reduce these to a minimum, injuries can happen.

The boats are insured for third party risks only.  

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