All water sports carry risk. Whilst we do our utmost to reduce these to a minimum, injuries can happen.

The boats are insured for third party risks only.  

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All pictures are of Runn Sailings boats on Lake Runn. Special thanks to Plumpton College (UK) who took them on their various expeditions here.

If you are in one of the pictures and would prefer not to be, please email me and I shall happily remove the photo.

All of the information contained within these pages is true to the best of my knowledge or belief. 

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The Boats....

Runn Sailing..... 

We provide tried and trusted Wayfarer and Seafly class dinghies rigged for cruising together with one Express Pirate which is a slightly larger cruiser and now also STX Paddleboards.

The Wayfarer

Designed by Ian Proctor Back in the late 1950's, has long been a class respected the world over. 
The Wayfarer (at 16' or 5m) was designed with a multitude of tasks in mind from training to offshore passages to racing. The Wayfarer is possibly one of the best known dinghy classes in the world, renowned for it's stability for the purposes of training and also it's ability to test the mettle of any man, or woman, in racing form.
It is quite possibly the most successful training dinghy ever. 
Wayfarers have even crossed the North Sea !

The Seafly

Slightly smaller than a Wayfarer at 14'9" or 4.5m is a little smaller but much lighter and faster than a Wayfarer. 

The Express Pirate 

At 17' or 5.26m she is a bilge keeled cruiser weighing in at around 650kg. A stable family boat with a small cabin she is well-mannered and a good boat for adults who are not in a rush or those with small children. 

SUP (Paddleboards)

We now also have 10' 6" STX Freeride paddleboards suitable for all abilities and weights up to around 110kg. 

We provide every boat with safety equipment such as buoyancy aids in adult and child sizes, a chart of the lake, compass and handheld VHF radios. Each boat is rigorously checked prior to each rental to ensure that it meets Runn Sailing Dot Com's high standards in terms of safety. 

Our own Rigid Inflatable Boat is always on hand to come and get you if the wind dies and you cannot get back or to assist you in any other way necessary.

The hand bearing compass and chart permit you to experiment with navigation. The system of buoyage on the lake is I.A.L.A. 

Explanation of the I.A.L.A system can be given for those who would like a little brush up prior to getting afloat.

Alternatively stay close to Framby Udde and we shall keep an eye out for you should you look like you're running into trouble.